Facebook: How to get more responses to your activities.

Are you a great facebook fan? I am. And this is what I discovered.

You are special and important

Maybe you undervalue yourself, but there is someone who looks to you for his or her light.

YOU can make a BIG positive impact


There exists so much negativity around the world. Everywhere you turn, people tend to have a negative view on about everything. From government, the environment, the weather, family life, school life and all.
The truth is, so much good still exists in our world.
The problem is, if you focus on the negative,

Dream and don't lose your dream.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves challenged by circumstances. Getting into situations that seem to kill our dreams. It is a challenge in times like these to continue to hold on to the dream we initially had. It is at this point that some people give up and do things they might live to regret. However, there is always some hope in every situation.

Wisdom is to always try and discover that little hope that still remains, and to fan it until it ignites a fire to keep us going another day, another month and maybe for another year, until we accomplish what we have to. I hereby encourage you not to abandon any dream you may be having and which temptation may have come for you to do so, due to challenges you may be going through. If it be a worthy dream, don't lose it. Go for it.

Take Action to your Success

Let us say you are in town A and want to go to town B. You have all the information on town B that you require. You know its every street, corner and house by heart. You know all the routes to get to the town and all the vehicles you can use for the journey. The existence of town B is beyond any reasonable doubt.

Footprints of Giants

Be the giant that you are meant to be

Thank you God

I am thankful to my God for this day and for everything that He is doing in my life.