YOU can make a BIG positive impact


There exists so much negativity around the world. Everywhere you turn, people tend to have a negative view on about everything. From government, the environment, the weather, family life, school life and all.
The truth is, so much good still exists in our world.
The problem is, if you focus on the negative,
that is what you'll always discover.

Take a look at this example
Recently I was talking to a person who happens to have participated in some mass action against
a government policy on tax increment. Sadly, they lost their cause. This had been going on and on for months and there was no sign of accomplishment. My friend had abandoned the cause calling it a misuse of some valuable commodity called time.
This got me thinking.

It all starts with one.
Someone called for the mass action and everyone else responded.
The participation on each of the days was estimated at 1 million people. They had to abandon work for a day and be in the streets shouting.
And I thought harder.
Under some positive influence, instead of these people to have been fighting against the decrease of their income, they could have come together with an intention of providing a way of improvement to the system. An improved system will provide opportunities, improve lives and likely cut the taxes. Nobody however was ready to influence the mass towards this direction.

How? You may ask,

It takes one.
One person came up with the idea for the mass action. Then passed to another and then another. Maybe someone brought it to the board and this exploded the whole thing. It took an individual to call for the action of many. One person could have come up with a different constructive idea. One that would change the state of affairs positively for the good of all and in a better approach.

Say for example:
If each of the 1 million respondents could raise $100.00, and that is possible, that would total up to 100 million dollars. All this in just 1 day. An industry can be born with this kind of money creating jobs to the unemployed and providing dividends to these investors. But whom is there to start such a revolution?
Sadly, the current world is short of such great people, positive thinking and courageous enough to change the perspective of the common man in a constructive manner regardless of the current circumstances. A person is needed to do this. To change the thought pattern of the human race into a positive one. Not only on government policies but in every area of life. Environment, social, family life, school and anything you can think of.

This person is you.

Influence those around you to a positive change by thinking positive thoughts and taking constructive actions.

Yes you can.
Make that BIG impact.
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