Have a happy Chooseday.

As I am writing this, it's on a Tuesday. It sounds more like Chooseday so let's call it so. Chooseday-A day of choices.

On this day, remember that all your life is made up of choices. Where you are today is a result of a choice you made yesterday. Whatever you have or don't have today depends on the choices you made or didn't make yesterday. Whatever you will have or wont have tomorrow depends on the choices you will make or wont make today. It's all in the choice.
Therefore if there are any changes you would like to take place in your life, you must make some choices today that will affect the results of tomorrow in a way that would be beneficial to you and to the society at large. Make those choices now.

Please remember too that choosing not to make a choice is a choice in itself. A choice of letting things go as they would wish to. This is refusing to set the sail of your ship. If you choose not to set the sail of your ship for one reason or the other, you don't have to ever blame anybody when the wind takes you in it's own direction and you find yourself on an island inhabited by nobody and with nothing that you ever wished you could have. It is a result of your choice of no choice.

This Chooseday and every other Tuesday, let it serve as a reminder to you of how the choices you make everyday are important to your life.

Make those choices today. Good choices.
Enjoy your Chooseday.