Happiness starts with you

It all starts with you.
Much of the heartaches we go through are not basically because of what happens to us but rather what happens within us.

God of Second Chances

In January 2011, a homeless man met with his second chance and his life changed overnight.
Your life too can change overnight. All you have to do is believe, keep hoping and taking every necessary action towards your dream. One day all you have been praying for will come to happen.
Keep the fight on.

Your breakthrough is coming

Your breakthrough is coming.
Keep pushing. Keep trying. Keep hoping. Even though you might be working under a rock trying to find your way out, don't give up. Don't stop. We await to see you shoot up from down below and we will celebrate with you. You were made for greatness. You were made to shine. To be great. Your breakthrough is coming. At just the right time, we will see the real you. The great you. Blessings.