Don't wait. Just Do It!

I have discovered that time flies past very fast. At a constant speed of 60 minutes per hour, I have also discovered that from the same date last year until now, you've covered some 525,600 minutes.
Without exaggeration, just one minute could mean quite a lot in your life. One minute is what you have already used to read this text until here. I guess this text has so far been useful to you. The question is, what have you done with 525,600 minutes from last year. It should be much. If you take the value of this present minute and multiply by the 525,600 minutes, that year is a priceless year to you. That is assuming that you put every single minute to valuable use. If that be not the case, and you realize that you fell short in a lot of areas, this is no time for regret. It is a time to realize that you now have in your hands some hundreds of thousands of minutes that you can put into proper use and be happy come next year same time. Your new year could well begin today. Do not hesitate. Take action in every area that you need to see a good report one week from now, one month from now or one year from now. There are many things that I have always kept on hold and then I come to discover that I put them away without my wish. Do not let procrastination steal your dreams with the passing of time. Go to that trip, begin that course, start that business, put your relationships in order. Do it now when there is still time. Make those passing minutes worthwhile. Just Do It.