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A tale of two salesmen

There is this tale about two shoe salesmen who are sent to a third world country in search of new business opportunities.
One man calls the headquarters the moment he lands, saying, "I’m coming back on the next flight. There’s no hope here. Nobody here is wearing shoes, so there’s no one to sell to.” and he sure flies back.
The second man calls the headquarters and says, “Hey guys, you wouldn’t believe what I found here. There is so much opportunity. Not a single person here is wearing shoes. We will sell to the whole country and make a fortune. Please send me a shipload of shoes as soon as possible.”

In every given circumstance we all see things from our own perspective and judge things according to our preconceived ideas which at times may be biased. The truth is, there’s opportunity everywhere. When we have a consciousness of expecting a miracle to happen, it will happen. We’ll find the right people, we’ll move in the right circles, we’ll ‘bump’ into the right solutions. It all starts with an open mind. An expectant mind.
Always be on the look out for an opportunity and seize it as soon as it appears.

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Be the optimistic salesman.