How to Get the Best Deal.

Last evening, I and some few great friends who also happen to be my business partners were watching a Robert Kiyosaki video. Among the many wise facts that he gives about financial literacy, I happened to pick one important revelation of how he strikes out the best deals ever on his investments. It makes so much sense to me and I saw the need to share it out with you.

This is how he does it;
He analyses one hundred deals. He then gives his offers to ten of them(those with the best potential). Out of these ten, about three of them respond to his offers. From the three, he picks out one. THE BEST.

It is all a numbers game. That is also how it works in sales and also any other area where we need the few best. Knock on a hundred doors. Majority say no to your service/product. Few take a second look. A small number negotiate for a good deal. Only a small percentage end up buying from  you. Those few may just be all you need. THE BEST.

That is how the numbers work. And one more thing, the higher you raise the first number is the same proportion in which the final number will rise.

The question is, "How willing and ready are you to work those numbers?"
How many doors are you willing to knock?"
How many calls are you willing to make?
How many classes are you willing to attend?
How many events are you ready to go to?
How many hours are you willing to spend each week towards a worthy cause that you may have?
How much money are you ready to risk on investment?

Those numbers really matter in everything. Having prayed for wisdom and a good direction, if you are willing to work on the numbers, the numbers will work for you. That is how you will get THE BEST. Go for it now.

Wishing you all the best.