Going Personal

Hello Friend,

This is to let you know that after much soul searching and life searching, I have made some decisions-like we all do time and again, and I needed to share some of my thoughts with you.

One of the decisions concerns this blog.
I have come to discover that sometimes it takes a bit too long before I ever post anything here. That being said, I desire to constantly be updating it at least once every week or even more. One of the reasons(excuses) for the dormancy is that I find myself too busy with other things. Another excuse is that I find myself without something universal to post about.

Hence, my present decision is that I will then find time(Oh! time has never been lost. It passes), create time(Sorry, there is only one infinite creator), squeeze time(Hmmmm can't do that. We have a constant 24hrs each day). Ok. Let me make it easier. I will ........ time and post about those things that make me busy.

Now that's going personal.
Why should I let you in my personal life?
Does it concern you?
It might or might not. That will surely be your choice and I hope that's not harsh to you. You see, we all have different perspectives about every single part of life. And as much as we can not change other people, we can however influence others to change. If that change is towards their personal good and the good of their family, then that's good. If the change is for the good of the society and all their surroundings, that's even better. If the change is going to be for the Glory of God, that's the best part. I personally have all this desire and that's the reason why I do most of what I do. That's why I publicly do what I do. This is why I come to this decision concerning this blog. To share me with you for the good of all. I know-not from books but from personal experience-that words have power. If you so believe too, make a good choice of words. What you take in and what you take out. If you agree with me, let's magnify this power and spread the positive power of words.

Sharing my personal stories? Now that's exposing me. Going out of the comfort zones. Maybe sacrificing my time.
If it's for the good, then let it be.

It might not always be the best of stories. The pictures may not be the most professional ones. The grammar and flow may not be international standard, but am convinced they are going to be of individual concern and influence to a soul. That matters. Right now I may not have specific topics in mind but may post just about anything that happens in life, as long as I know it will have a lesson to someone somewhere. If not you, someone else.

If you support my decision and you'd like to see this happen more often, please let me know. Comment on the post, call me on my phone, send me a message or stop me on the street and just remind me of what I already believe. That my efforts are not in vain.
If you mind about the welfare of your brother/sister and would like them to benefit from what we share, click share and spread this post everywhere.

If you wouldn't want to miss a single bit of what I'll share, look for the subscribe form on this site and submit your email and you'll receive every single post in your inbox.

Thank you and God Bless.