Your past follows you. Leave some tracks.

Your past follows you.

Rrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggg! I hear the telephone ring. 
I pick it up.
"What's your name?" The caller asks me. Of course this is not the formal way of starting a telephone conversation.
"What for?" I ask. I guess she could actually feel my confusion, my wondering and maybe a fraction of fear of the unknown like most of us would admit that such an intro would bring.
"Just asking you about your name. For example my name is Mary. What is your name?" She continues.
"My name is Anthony." I respond not knowing whether I did the right thing. But I know patience pays so I would wait to exchange a few words just before I call it quits. I have been receiving several cold calls from marketers though I don't think whether they qualify to be called cold calls. They are warm. Some of them hot calls. Someone would greet you in a very polite manner, introduce himself/herself before proceeding. For this reason, I suggest we change it from cold calling to warm or hot calling. maybe if we have this perspective in mind then we will make more sales:-) Just saying.
"Do you design websites?" She asks
"Yes I do." Comes my reply. My face now relaxes.
I happen to be a man of many hats and one of them is website designer. Something that I have done for sometime although in the recent past I've not been paying much attention to. I've been concentrating on helping marketers grow their business with this Marketing System that makes you money whether you make a sale on your product/service or not. Therefore, for some months now I have not talked about website design to anyone. Hence I have not been expecting much from that direction. Just like the previous post that I talked about you putting forth much in order that you can receive much. When you don't do much, don't expect much.
She continues. "We have opened a new shop and we need a website for our business. When can you come over we discuss further?"
At this I asked her for the address of the business and within two hours I was in her shop negotiating the price and requirements of making one site.

This reminded me a few lessons.

1. Be known for something that you do.
I happen to be doing a lot of things in my life as I mentioned above and sometimes it becomes a challenge for me to speak about everything that I can do to everyone. But when it matters I always let those who care to know, what it is that I do. The challenge is that we don't know where to draw the line between who to tell and who not to tell. We cannot judge who-knows-what, who knows who, who does what and so forth the first time that we meet them. That is why I now think it is ok to let the whole world know what you do, if you care.

2.When you do something do it well.
Even though Mary did not disclose to me from the telephone call who gave her the reference, when I met her she told me that she was given my phone number by someone who I created a site for. The person had recommended me to her because of the work that I had done for him and my rates.

3. Always maintain your contact details.
I have always known this. But I have some friends who always change their phone numbers every now and then. And I know that they could be losing something along the way.
Later on as I am describing that incident to a friend of mine who is from the US but is currently living in Athens, he tells me something interesting. He's been about 6 years out of the States. The funny thing is that he keeps getting calls for business that he stopped doing a long time ago back there. He definitely refers this business to other people who are back there. Just imagine. Getting calls for something you did ten or twenty years back and might have forgotten all about it. If you have changed your phone number, then that business goes to someone else. Keep your contact details the same for as long as possible.

4. Your past follows you.
As you move on with your life, make sure that you do the best that you possibly can. I say possibly can because there are some bad things that will happen in life that you have no control over. Where you can, do good. And when you do all the best that you can, make sure that you leave some tracks for the things to follow you when they will. Not only the numbers. Use the numbers to keep relationships. It matters.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up"
 - Galatians 6:9 -