It's the middle of the year.

At the port of Piraeus Greece
It's Summer time. Anthony at Piraeus port Greece meeting a client.
Six months have gone by. We are now  more than halfway into the seventh month.

It's a great opportunity to sit and  reflect back. It's also a good opportunity to sit down and look forward.
Where are you coming from? where are you going to?

You may have had some plans in the beginning of the year.  Subsequently you may have set some goals. I know there are things that you have accomplished, but I also know that there are things that you have not yet. For as long as we are living on this face of the earth, there are going to be these two sides of the same coin in everything. So you are not alone.

As you sit and reflect on the past, you're going to see things that will make you happy and things that may make you sad too.  But it is important to reflect.  Reflection will help you to identify areas of your life where much more work is needed in order for you to be the best version of yourself. It will also bring to your attention the areas where you need to avoid in future for the same reason too.

Right now you may not be where you had wanted and planned to be, but thank God you are not where you were when you began. The thing is to look back at the blessings that God has blessed you with and give thanks. And they are countless if you only get started  on counting them.

You may have been slow, you may have come late in some areas but consider this;  this post is coming a few days late but I am quite sure it is going to accomplish a purpose in a person who was in need of such a reminder. You may be forgiven for coming in late but it will be a bad idea if you didn't come at all. Keep going. Just do it.

As you look forward to the future I wish you all the best in everything. Put your plans to paper and set your goals.  And most of all, Take Action. Take Continuous Action. May our good Lord crown the work of your hands with great success.

As you move on, share this post with your friends. God bless you.