When things go wrong.

Two days ago I was doing a Facebook live stream. The purpose of that live stream was to achieve two objectives.
Objective #1. Learn practically how to bring a guest on my live streaming. I had seen someone do so on his own live stream and I wished to do so too.
Objective #2. Learn how to adjust the mirrored image to appear correctly. I had experienced this challenge in a previous live stream whereby I had shown a quote but it was not legible because the letters were mirrored. I could be showing some more text in my future shows so I need to know how to do it correctly.
Sadly to say, both of my objectives failed miserably. I could not bring on a guest however hard I tried and secondly I could not correct my mirrored image. So we could conclude that the whole activity was a total failure.
When things go wrong

Total Failure? 
That is not what it was to me. And it shouldn't be even so to you.
Many times in our lives we fail in several things. Some of our failures are through our mistakes, negligence or ignorance. Some of them through uncontrollable external circumstances. In either case these should not be hindrances to our progress. They should not stop us from achieving our life's purpose and reaching our destiny. On the contrary we should take each failure as a lesson to learn, pick up from there and keep moving. In my case, someone could stop doing live streams because, every time am doing them, I'll be knowing that it's not hundred percent of what I would have wanted it to be. However, what I have to understand is that my 50% could be someone else's 99%. What I want to mean is this; if I decided to stop doing my livestreams I will deny some of my viewers the opportunity to get the value that they have been getting from my activities. My main reason of sharing every thought that I share is to be a blessing to those who have encouraged me to do so because as they continually tell me, I encourage them to move on in life. Therefore my discouragement would turn out to be their discouragement also.

Have things ever gone wrong for you? Did you pick up some lessons from it? Please share your experiences here below.
Personally, this event reminded me a few things.

1. Life isn't perfect.
As far as I'm concerned, life will never be hundred percent perfect. The room for improvement is the biggest room in the world. And for me being an artist(that's another of my several hats and that's a story for another day), I've known that after I finish a painting and put a signature on it, another artist could come in and still add another stroke of paint in the name of improving the painting. A painting is never hundred percent complete.

2. Life Goes On. 
No matter what happens in life, after every failure, every catastrophe, every mistake, every loss and so on and so forth, Life Goes On. Just think of anything that has been a failure before. Whatever it is that may be, please remember this; There is life after failure. This is where we find the story of redemption. 

3. When things go wrong, go right.
In the event of things going wrong, (and I assure you that in this imperfect world, one thing or the other is bound to at some point go wrong) make a deliberate, determined effort to go right. In my effort to go right in this case, I have not only chosen to continue doing livestreams despite the dissapointment, but have also gone a step further to look for a solution to my two needs. I am currently working on a wonderful Webinar Platform for future shows. This platform is able to show slides and also include a guest to speak on the show. Be on the lookout for my invite to one of my shows.

Meanwhile, I hope this article accomplishes two objectives.
1. Encourage someone to move on after a failure, a loss or catastrophe.
2. Sensitize Facebook of this hitch if this article is widely shared. It's possible.

Therefore, help me accomplish these two objectives by sharing the article with your friends.
Who knows, it just might reach the hands of Mark Zuckerberg.
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