Smiling at an Empty Space

I spent half of last night trying hard to create an empty space.
Let me explain.

My blog and every other blog that I know of is built from a template. The blog is set in such a way that every post and every page created comes with the basic settings and the extras that are on the template. So you will find widgets and links on every page that you visit whether you want them or not in that specific instance. Of course the links and widgets are great as they help with navigation through the blog. This is very, very, useful generally. But these extras could not be needed at times though they are there. 

Last night was one of these instances.
I am in the process of creating something of which I do not wish to be linked to the current content of my blog, yet I need it to be under my existing domain name. Therefore, I found myself in the need of creating content from a completely blank page on my blog with no single link or widget to the rest of the pages. Having not done it before, it took me hours of learning, applying, failing, retrying on and on in order to remove the template's links and widgets from the single page. Finally just when I was about to keep it off for another day, I found the right way to do it and whoa..... I now had a completely blank page before me. And I WAS SMILING.
And I stayed staring at the screen for several minutes with a grin.
What would you think if you saw someone staring at a blank page smiling? (I was fortunate that my wife was fast asleep by this time). 

Personally two thoughts were in my mind. The challenge that I have just overcome and the readiness to work on my idea. These made me glad. 

If you looked at me at that instance smiling at an empty space, you wouldn't read these thoughts and hence could be left wondering or doubting my sanity. Since you were not there, let's do this;

I want us to look at that setting from 3 different positions.

Position #1 : You as The Observer
When you look at others, do not be quick to judge a person by his present state. You don't know where he is coming from or where he is destined for. Do not judge. Especially if you see him smiling at the empty spaces in their own life. We have people who don't seem to have anything of substance before them, but please know that they have come a long way to be where they are. That's why they can afford a smile in their empty space. You may not know the struggles and challenges they've been through or are going through presently. Some of us smile on our way to emptiness. The joy of overcoming and the hope of the coming should always put a smile on your face in your empty space. As an observer, believe in the good and expect the better. 

Position #2 : You as The Doer
Anything that you've been through in life has always been an addition. Even when you find yourself at a non intended empty space. The struggles that you go through will produce something.  If they don't, they have added to your experience. It all works for the good. As the doer, whether intentionally or unintentionally find yourself there, remind yourself where you are coming from and where you are going and smile at the empty space. 

Position #3 : You as The Empty Space
We have to know that there is a higher power than we. We also have to know that at times, He takes away from us what we consider useful in order that He can place in us what He knows is greater. And we also have to know and continually believe that He who began a good work in us is faithful to bring it to completion. This way, you can afford to smile at your emptiness. 

As for now,  just share this post with all your friends. You could be that angel who has been sent to fill someone's empty space with a smile. God bless you.