Your Day is Blessed

As you wake up today, take a deep breath and say thank you to your maker and keeper. There are many who would have liked to see this day but didn't. Not that you are any better from either of them. It is only through the Grace of God that you live.

Jump out of bed and know that this is a luxury to many. Yes! I see them sleep out in the open without a roof leave alone a bed. Situations and conditions at times lead to despair and helplessness. A point where no word or deed tends to trigger one to wake up again. Thank the Lord that your mind is awake and alert. It is not a time to think about all the problems you had yesterday. It is a good time to roll out the solutions that will work today. Wash you face and shine to the world.

As you gulp down your breakfast, aware that much awaits you later in the day, remember that truly your day is blessed. Kings and queens did it the same way too. I think you are one of them.

Walk from the comfort of your little four walls and walk into what we call life. Look into the bright morning sky and imagine how limitless the sky is. I stopped saying the sky is the limit. We are limited by the expanse of our thinking and the will to act. Embrace the good and avoid any evil as you explore your full potential. Have a blessed day.

Your day is blessed.