Whom do you give your brokenness?

Whom do you give your brokenness? I want to tell you of something that happened to me a few days ago. And I believe it is going to give you a thing to critically think about.
Just a few days ago, a machine in my house broke down. Since I already was contemplating replacing it with a new one, this provided a good opportunity to do so. I hence approached a neighbor of mine that I thought could make use of it. As far as I was concerned, the fault was not a major one.
So I told him how with just a little fixing the machine would be up and running again. He was very glad for my consideration of him. Now if I have to tell you, this neighbor of mine deals with scrap metals.

Within minutes, he came over and I assisted him to carry the faulty machine to his place. Only to wake up the following morning and find the machine in bits and pieces on his yard. It was now scrap. Of course I should have known that.

A faulty machine is scrap material to him. The same machine to a technician is an opportunity for a good deal after he fixes the fault. Logically a working machine would fetch a better price than a heap of scrap metal. But that's the logic of the technician. And mine I guess. But in this case I couldn't predict the obvious. That people transform whatever is their hands in relevance to their custom behavior patterns.

The lesson:
When things go wrong as they often would for every living human (in this case the machine broke down), whom do you approach? Whom do you give your brokenness? The answer will depend on your expected end result of the problem at hand. If you want them working again, give them to the one with the record of making things work. Not the one who destroys whatever malfunctions, but to the one who can take broken down pieces and put things back together.
I am talking about any part of life that you may think of.

Think of an area in your life that may have broken down or malfunctioned. Do you need it working again? Have you been giving the job to the one who would not lead you to your expected end? Do you think you can find the right one who can do it right?
Make a move and give your brokenness to the right mender.

Hahahah. No! I didn't mean you leave your relationship partner who you can't cope with and find another one that can repair you. I mean't you find a counselor, proven teacher, spiritual leader or a great friend who strives for every good thing and let any or all of them help you repair your existing relationship.

Have a great day.

God Bless You.