I had an Accident

It was a wonderful bright day and I was grateful for the day as always moving from one place to another doing my duties.
Using my 125cc motorbike saves me some great time and if you care about your spending, the motorbike is more economical to use rather than the car in this busy town. So on this day as I am riding around town running errands, I find myself on a main road cruising smoothly. Apparently, on this day, this section of town is not busy. The road is clear. Suddenly a car pops out from a side-road and without stopping crosses in front of me headed to the other side of the road. I am just about 10 meters from it's point of crossing and being on the main road, I have right of way and therefore at some speed. To avoid collision, I snatch on the brakes fast. However I was a second too late. Accidents happen so fast. You would be surprised at the number of things that happen within two seconds.
In a flash, my bike had hit the side of the car, slid by it's side and the car's wheel run over my two arms.

Lying down there on my back, people come running from all directions. Within a few minutes the place is awash with activity. Calls are being made here and there. Calling the police, ambulance and so on. I can tell that some calls are being made by more than just one person to the same destination. This happens at a time like that. Coincidentally, there is a doctor present who asks me to remain calm. He is checking my pulse and asking me several questions of where it hurts as he touches different parts of my body. At this point, I can already feel that my left arm is badly hurt. I inform him so and he asks me to lay it on my abdomen and not move it. With his help I do so. Few minutes on, an ambulance is on site, and for the first time in my life I experience a ride in it. Few hours further on, so much has happened including having some close people already by my side. My arm is in cast and I am lying on the hospital bed. I am informed that from the several tests done, my hand may need an operation. That will have to be scheduled for a day or two later after the final word from the doctor. It happens so.

On the day of the surgery, my boss comes to see me and has some news. He informs me that a colleague at work also had an accident the previous night and was actually brought to the same hospital that I was in. His accident was a bit severe than mine. Why does this happen? A bad thing closely follows another. Why now?

After the operation I spent a night at the hospital and was allowed to go home the next day. I left my colleague Johnnie there undergoing treatment.

Three days on, am chatting on messenger with my other colleagues at work. Telling them how my arm is doing and them telling me how they miss me at work. And I am made to understand that now it's even worse with two of us absent. And even more worse...................... Mo drops the bombshell. "Johnnie is dead." Oh No.
It happens that he had succumbed to some internal injuries that could not be controlled. Sad fate. Why Johnnie? Of all the people? Why now? Why?

It took me quite a while to come to terms with this fact. I still wish it is a dream and I'll wake up and Johnnie is there, making us all smile with his jokes and his random dance. He's gone though and quite early at that. No one saw that coming. That's life. Death takes it.

It was tough and unexpected. However, after all is said and done it reminded me a few lessons.

1. Tomorrow is unpredictable.
I have never imagined myself with a broken arm. Likewise I could not imagine of this day without my colleague and friend.
You never know what tomorrow may bring. Do your best today and leave the rest to God. And always be ready for the inevitable. You never know when.

2. Build relationships.
Whether it be family or friends, relationships are always affecting your life in one way or the other but you may never realise their real value until that day that you find yourself in some real challenge or trouble. I thank God for all my relations.

3. It is not how experienced you are.
I have been on the road for over 10 years. Driving and riding. This however is not a fact that can protect you from an accident. It is not even how much care you take. I do take care on the road. It is not assured that other road users will take the same care as you. Things will happen without your fault.

4. Be thankful.
Apostle Paul writing to the Thessalonians reminds them to always give thanks in all circumstances.
As I write this, it's on thanksgiving day and I have so much to give thanks for. That event being one of them.
It's just a little over 40 days from the day the accident happened. Please note that I I am using both my hands to type this. My hurt arm has no cast on and is on it's way to full recovery.
I have learnt over time to be always thankful and on that day as I lay down in pain, I remember thanking God for it because it could have been worse. Little did I know what was awaiting my friend. And now on this day with little to no pain, I thank God for that and for many more things in my life. There is always a reason to be thankful. Find it.
Protection over my life is one of the great favors am grateful today. It should be for you too. You may not be aware how many dangers you have escaped in your life. And then you have got so many blessings given to you that you may not even deserve. Given freely. Give thanks for everything.

Happy Thanksgiving