Your Life is A Piece of Art

Your life is a piece of art. 
Every word and every action you take is a brush stroke on this empty canvas called life. Whatever it has to be for you will be. No one leaves it empty. The image of your life work is only in your mind and only you can bring it to life. Your choices determine your destiny. Choose well. As for others, we only see an image of you that you've created through the power bestowed upon you by your creator.

Please remember this;
YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE and the only original piece of you we have on this planet. Please take care. You are precious.
Don't carry yourself like a duplicate. Never accept anyone's reference of you as a fake because you know who you are. Think well, talk good and do best.

When all is said and done, let every one of us who see what you do, appreciate and be awed at your artistry(your words and your deeds).
And when the time comes that you'll be long gone, let everyone know that a master painter once lived, by the work you leave behind.
As for now, PAINT YOUR BEST. Make it Colourful.
Anthony the Artist