Day 249 - Make Choices Easily

Do you have a challenge in making choices? You can always meet that challenge by being very decisive beforehand on what you are going to buy. Do not seek ideas when you are buying. Make a clear concrete decision before you are ready to buy.

Day 248 - Catch someone doing something good.

Just finished reading "The One Minute Manager" by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

In this short book, the authors share 3 important secrets that will help any manager to concurrently get better results, have more time, and empower the people around to be more effective and fulfilled.

In brief, the three secrets are for you as the one minute manager to,

Day 247 - Life goes on

Whatever may ever happen in your life, please remember this; as long as you are breathing, life goes on. Live it to the full.

Day 246 - Pursue your dreams

Do you have dreams to pursue? Are you moving towards them? Keep moving. Don't stagnate on the way. Go after them on a daily basis. One step at a time.

Day 245 - Turn your failures into success.

Victor Kinuthia is a person that blooped on live tv news coverage. He was so disappointed. Then his mistake made him trend on social media. He thought he's lost it all until people highly encouraged him on. Within a few hours, his failure had catapulted him onto international limelight. Do not fear failure. Fear to loose your dreams through inaction. 

Day 244 - Time waits for no man.

Time keeps moving whether you like it or not. You can never save time but only use it. Use it wisely. 

Day 243 - Keep Glowing

Each and everyone of us goes through some issues. When things are okay someone shines and we say that he is glowing. When things are bad many people are down cast and sad. The call is for you to glow when things are good and continue to Glow even when things are not so good. Make a choice and make it a habit to continuously glow in all circumstances. 

Day 242 - What Rejuvenates you?

With all the life's challenges, we are bound to feel tired or even aged at times but if you have your anchor on something to rejuvenate you, you can always feel energetic and young again. What is that thing that rejuvenates you?

Day 240 - TRIUMPH

I pray that you may be victorious in all your struggles and challenges. That you may triumph. 

Day 239 - MOTIVATE

To motivate is to make someone want to do something well.
It is not only what you say but if what you do 

Day 238 . Be Proactive

Don't wait for things to happen, be the one to make them happen. The rewards are enormous.

Day 237 - SYNERGY - Working together for great results.

You can do so much alone but with a team you can do the unimaginable. One plus one is two but when it has to do with ideas, one plus one is four. That's synergy. 

Day 236 - Be the change you want to see in the world.

Change has always happened, is happening now and will always happen. Don't wait for change to happen to you. Be the one to effect change in your environment.

Day 235 - Open Doors.

Have you been praying for open doors? The bad news is that you'll get closed doors. Because doors are put in place to close.
The good news is that you can open them. It therefore requires some effort from you. I pray for you to find the right doors to knock on and open. 

Day 234 - Trouble free life.

Have you lately met with challenges? Been through some struggles that seem not to end? Encountered opposition in some areas? That is the way it is with everyone. Life is full of all that. Have the courage to work through it until you make it.

Day 233 - Humbleness

Being humble is one of the qualities of highly successful people. That quality of lacking pride and considering others before oneself. Be humble and succeed.

Day 232 - Be a positive change

There is so much negativity around that you no more is welcome. Be a positive change to any environment that you find yourself in. 

Day 231 - Are days moving too fast?

Have you recently heard someone comment that days are moving too fast? Is that the truth of the matter?
When I checked last, every single day was moving at 24hrs per day. So I guess no day moves any faster than the other. It is how well you'll use the day that you'll create value in it.

Day 230 - Two wolves are fighting inside you.

Two wolves, one good and one evil are fighting inside you. Which one will win?

The one you feed.

Day 229 - Are you waiting for perfection?

If you are waiting for all the conditions to favor your dreams, let me remind you this;
That perfect time may never come. Act on your dreams now.

Day 228 - Your Victory is Coming

It usually is darkest just before dawn. So if you are in a dark situation or if you ever find yourself in such a situation, please remember that the best is yet to come.

Day 227 - Be Constantly Flowing

A constantly flowing river stays fresh. A stagnant pond becomes stale and hazardous. Choose to be constantly flowing with ideas and you'll remain fresh and likeable.

Day 226 - How patient are you?

Things of value take time to bring forth fruit. A farmer plants tree seeds and waits for years before he sees a single fruit. He is that patient. Plant the right seeds in the right place and wait. Be patient.

Day 225 - Be an Encouragement to Someone

Just by living your normal life in the best way possible, you could be an encouragement to someone out there without you knowing. People do watch you. Live your life right and continue to be the encouragement that you are. 

Day 224 - Rest if you must but don't quit.

Sometimes we get tired that for one reason or the other. We may be tempted to give up and stop moving. At this point, it is ok to take a rest. And then get moving again. Don't quit your journey.

Day 223 - Your Faith Will Heal You

You may have needs in your life. The fulfilment of those needs will be determined by your faith on them being fulfilled. Especially your faith on your Creator the one who makes everything possible.

Day 222 - Public Speaking Workshop

Today, I had the pleasure of facilitating a Public Speaking Workshop in Athens Greece. We identified how fear robs many people of their dreams. People fail to take action of their dreams for fear of several things. Fear of failure being a major one. Don't let fear rob you of your dreams. 

Day 221 - One Word that means the world to you.

Do you know that one word can change life? Share with us just one word that makes a big difference in your own life.

Day 220 - Review and Correct

Every time that you do something, if you look back, you'll always see areas that could have been done better. That does not prove of your incompetence, it just reminds you of your imperfections and gives you the opportunity to do something now, to come out better on the next opportunity. 

Day 219 - Keep on the fight

You may face challenges and obstacles along the way. All the same, never stop never give up. Keep on fighting.

Day 218- Twenty Years From Now

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ”
- Mark Twain

Day 217 - Don't wait for perfection. Just do it.

If you are one who has always been waiting for perfection before you take any action, you may wait forever. Why not just decide what is good and just do it? Not perfect but done anyway. 

Day 216 - Live Your Life Fully

The graveyard is the richest place on earth. Because many die without taking action on their great ideas. Don't be one of them. Live your life fully.

Day 215 - Remember Your Maker

God made you and gave you the freedom of choice. Many of us forget Him as we live our lives. Make sure to always remember Him every day. Thanking Him for all His goodness. 

Day 214 - Different Boiling Points.

Oil and water do not boil at the same temperature. Their properties are different. We too are made different and can handle different things all differently. If we understand this, we can live in peace. 

Day 213 - Break Down Your Dream

Your dream may be a very big one that may scare you if you look at it size from the beginning. But if you break down your dream into bits and work on those bits one at a time, one day at a time, then over a period of time, your big dream will become a reality. Go for it.

Day 212 - Think Big and Achieve Big

How big you think is going to affect how big you will achieve. No one has any control over your thoughts. Therefore there is no limit to how big you can think. Go for it. I wish you big success.

Day 211 - You have so much potential. Use it.

As a small gas lighter has the potential to burn a whole forest, that's the same kind of potential that you have to make change around you. Use it well. Ignite a great positive fire in your family and in the society that you belong.

Day 210 - Take steps to your dreams.

You need to make your dreams a reality. Take the necessary steps. Sometimes you may fall but every time that you fall, make sure that you rise up and keep walking.

Day 209 - I missed some videos.

In the last two weeks I have missed three days to do my daily videos due to unavoidable circumstances. So today I do extra videos. Always be ready to pay your dues.

Day 208 - Wishing you a happy month.

I take this opportunity to wish you a great month of August filled with good health, wealth and happiness. May all the good things find you this month.

Day 206 - Exposure

What do you expose yourself to?
Whatever you expose yourself to will affect you in one way or the other. It will affect you either positively or negatively. So Choose Wisely whatever you expose yourself to.

Day 205 - It's Never Too Late

You are not too late to be what you ought to have been. Go after your dreams.

Day 204 - Be Grateful Always

Always give thanks for everything and every day. The more you are thankful, the more you get things to be grateful for. 

Day 203 - Change is Constant

Change is the only thing that will always happen whether we like it or not. The best that we can do is always expect it and prepare for it. Or better still be above the average of your known change makers.

Day 202 - Measure Twice

My woodwork teacher always told me so. Measure twice cut once. I think though this applies to many other areas in life. Always confirm a decision before taking action. But never fail to take an action too.

Day 201 - Reflect Back

Sometimes it's important to reflect back and see how far you've come. To also remind yourself of the beautiful things you've enjoyed along the way. Then look ahead and move on.

Day 200 - Find Wisdom

The wealthiest man in the Bible, Solomon, asked for the greatest gift from God. Wisdom.
If you find wisdom, you can find everything else that you may need. Find Wisdom.

Day 199 - Daily Opportunity

Every new day is a great opportunity for you to work into your greatness. Go for it and never give up.

Day 198 - What have you got?

You may not get what you like, but you can like what you've got and put it into good use. What have you?

Day 197 - FaceApp goes viral

The viral thing at the moment is FaceApp. The app that shows you differently from the way that you currently look like. Either shows you younger or older.
My view is this, the past is gone and the future depends on God. You have a part to play though. Take care of your body. Eat well and keep fit and you'll progressively discover how you look in the future.

Day 196 - Athens Underground Train (Metro)

In today's video, I show you how to get into one of the stops of a Metro in Athens. I share with you a life lesson about your destination and the stops along the way. I hope you enjoy the video.

Day 195 - Keep Going

Keep on moving along your journey towards your dreams. Never stop until you realise them. Small efforts add up to big things. 

Day 194 - May You Prosper

It is my sincere prayer that you may prosper in every area of your life. May God open doors of abundance for you, keep you in good health and give you the wisdom to live a full life.

Day 193 - Your Next Meal

Every single day you plan what you are going to eat. Do you also plan what to feed your mind with?
In my previous video, I spoke of this and I got a lot of feedback in support of the idea. We should plan for our mind food just as careful as we plan for body food.

Day 192 - Food for thought.

When was the last time you had a meal? I believe today you have eaten something. We all make sure to feed the body to keep growing and remain healthy on a daily basis. Do we feed our brain just as well?

Day 191 - Your Past and Your Future

Your past does not determine your future. It is what you do today that will determine where you'll end up tomorrow. 

Day 189 - Enjoy the shade

When it gets hot, it's great if you have the opportunity of enjoying a shade. It's even more fulfilling if the shade you are enjoying is from a tree that you planted.

Day 188 - Expose yourself to great ideas

Where you are today is a result of what ideas you've exposed yourself to.  If you want days to come to be better, expose yourself to great ideas today.

Day 187 - You have great potential

If only you really knew how great potential you have... you'd take yourself more seriously than you currently do. 

Day 186 - Discover a Goldmine

The biggest goldmine on earth has never been discovered yet. Go out and find it.

Day 185 - Declaration of Independence

July 4th is the day people in the United States of America celebrate Independence Day. I wish them all good things during this time. Here's a video on my stand to the day.

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp goes down.

All the three Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have been reported to be malfunctioning for a big part of the day. Specifically, photos and videos have not been loading.

Day 183 - 24 hours

Each and every one of us have been given 24 hours per day. It is only how we use those 24 hours that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. How do you use your 24 hours?

Day 182 - Happy New Month

This is to wish you a very happy month of July. May all the good things find you this month.

Day 181 - Keep Moving

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you have to keep moving.

Day 180 - First Step

Martin Luther King jr. said, faith is taking the first step of the staircase even without having seen the whole staircase. Do you have the faith?

Day 179 - Enjoy Everyday

You don't have to wait for Friday in order to have a great day. Be happy and enjoy every single day of your life. 

Day 178 - Reading

I have commenced on a consistent reading schedule from today. Because sometimes I skip. Do you read consistently?

Day 177 - Beautiful Gifts

Beautiful gifts are great but their beauty becomes even more valuable once they are used.

Day 176 - NBA MVP - Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo wins the NBAs MVP. He has come a long way to be where he is. A lot of hardwork and struggles. Go for what you want despite any challenges until you get it.

Day 175 - Mind and Legs

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have the legs and the mind on two extreme ends of the body. Notwithstanding, the mind is the one that commands the legs where to go. There is more to it, watch the video for more insight.

Day 174 - The Mustard Faith

Do you have faith? Do you lose faith at times? The mustard seed has a deeper lesson than we often understand. I speak of this in today's video.

Day 173 - Attend Events

A chat with my friend Stavros reminded us of the importance of attending events.
More on the video.

Day 172 - The Scars

Have you ever been hurt? Have you been broken? Do you have scars?
Most of those people whom you know to be successful have been through all that. Some have scars you could never have imagined until you hear their stories. The fought on until they won.
Hurts and scars should not stop you from going after your dreams. Keep on to the very end until you succeed. 

Day 171 - Mention only that which you want

I've had the experience of saying to someone what I don't want while asking for what I want only to end up getting that which I didn't want. Just because I had mentioned it alongside. This video shows you what happened in the recent incident.

Always mention only that which you want. Never that which you don't. 

Day 170 - Commitment

If you've ever watched a small interested child learn the alphabet, you'll understand what commitment is and the value it adds to you. I just did. Choose to commit to your dreams to the very end and accomplish much.

Day 169 - Own the Market

A market will outlive any stand alone small shop. My opinion is that you should own the market of whatever you are doing. Otherwise be a part of a bigger market. A market lives long. That's my opinion. What is yours?

Day 168 - Say Nothing

Once, a wise man said nothing.
It's not always that we should say all that may be said. Sometimes it pays to just say nothing. It's wise.

Day 167 - Water the Grass

The grass that you always see being green all the time even in dry seasons, does not just become and remain green by itself. Someone waters it while you may not be seeing it.
Make sure you take care of your grass for it to remain green. 

Day 166 - Make it Bright

Man has been capable of making the night look like day by use of lights.
This reminds you that you can alter your situations by choice. Look at areas in your life that are dark and make a decision to brighten them. Take an action to make your decision a reality. 

Day 165 - It's beautiful from up there.

Have you ever climbed a hill? It is not always an easy task. The joy comes though once you reach the top and see a beautiful view below. I pray you find the strength to go all the way up in your dreams and enjoy the view from the top.

Day 164 - Success Steps

Success is like going up a flight of stairs. You take one step after the other every single day. Do not give up along the way. Keep going upto the top.

Day 163 - Organised Teamwork

One person can achieve much but two people together can achieve so much more. It is important to have a team and to be organised in all that you do in order to achieve great.

Day 162 - Avoid Anger

There is a reason why we were created with two ears and just one mouth. That we should always listen more than we talk. That way we'll avoid many of the conflicts we have around us.

Day 161 - What's Your Idea?

Ideas are never exhausted. You can come up with an idea today that can make history. Bill Gates did not invent the computer. He just improved on it.

Day 160 - Choose Your Friends

The issue of your associations is very important to our well being. That's why it should be always be in our minds on a continual basis.

Day 159 - Ask Guidance

We may never know all there is to know on any given subject. Therefore we will be required to ask those with the knowledge. The ones who may have done it before us.

Day 158 - Ready? Catch!

Sometime back this ball boy surprised the crowd with a phenomenal catch.
To the viewer, it was a surprise but to the boy, it wasn't.
He was ready and waiting for it.
If you are always ready for opportunities  you'll surprise many at how you catch them. Prepare and wait.

Day 157 - A Lovely life

Hatred stirs up conflict.
Love covers over all wrongs.

I wish you a life full of love.

Day 156 - World Environment Day

Today is World Environment day. What are you doing about it?

Day 155 - Dedication - Yash Gupta

How dedicated are you?
I know this guy known as Yash Gupta. He took a challenge where people were to produce one Facebook live ?stream per day.
He always did his at night in the dark. 12midnight and even later. Because during the day he was very busy and in the house people were sleeping. So he would go out in the dark every single day to make his live stream.
Are you that dedicated?

Day 154 - You Can (WD-40)

Success comes in Cans. Not Can't.
Are you familiar with WD-40?

Do you know what WD-40 means?
It means Water Displacement 40th formular.
It's inventors attempted 39 times failing. Until they succeeded on their 40th attempt.
Make it your ambition never to give up until you succeed. 

Day 153 - Sowing Bountifully.

If you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. If you sow abundantly, you reap abundantly.

As simple as that.


Taking this opportunity to wish you a great month of June. I did a Facebook live to share much on the experiences I've had since I committed myself to doing one video per day sharing life lessons.
Thank you all for everything.

Day 151 - The Star that You Are

Have you heard of the saying that when it gets dark, the stars come out?
Well! They don't. The stars are always out, shinning all the time. Even when you don't see them.

Choose to be a star. Shine all the time even when nobody is watching. When it gets dark, the star that you've always been will be revealed.

Day 150 - A Seed of Greatness

You have within you a seed of greatness. We may not see it and those who see it may not acknowledge it. Because from the outside a seed does not indicate any life. When the right time comes, the seed will germinate and your greatness will be evident.

Day 149 - Open Mouth Experiment

If you shake an unopened bottle of Coca Cola and open it immediately, a good volume of the drink will pour out messing whatever is near.

We operate the same way, if greatly angered and you speak so soon, your words would cause a big mess.
Learn to bottle up your anger. After some time, the emotion would go out and you'll speak good words where there could have been a disaster.

Day 148 - Find The Light

If you place a plant in a dark room with just a single source of light, you'll discover that the plant will always grow towards the light.
If in life you find yourself in a dark place, look for a light for there is always one, and grow towards it.

Day 147 - Memorial Day Message

Today is Memorial day in the US. The day Americans remember soldiers who died in war.
It's a good time to reflect about life.
One day we'll be gone. Someone will remember us.
Will they say that we were good soldiers and that we fought this life's war with all our might sacrificing for a good cause. Will we leave a good memory?

Day 146 - Sunday Best

As I was growing up, we used to have a Sunday Best suit. A suit we'd only use on Sunday.
I have come to see many people who are only their best on Sunday only. Let that not be you. Be your best self every single day.

Day 145 - The Journey must continue.

Yesterday I came to a dead end on a road I was taking to some place.
That did not mean I end the journey there. It meant I look for another way through to  m destinaton. That's how it is with life. On the road to your dreams, you may come to some dead end. That though does not mean you forget your dreams. It means you look for another way through.

Day 144 - The words of your mouth

The words that you speak on a daily basis affect the outcomes in your life. To change several situations that you find yourself in, all you need could just be a few right words at the right time to the right person.

Day 143 - Finding Your Happiness

I asked people on my Facebook profile what makes them happy.
The overall response indicated that it's not the big things that we always look upto in life. It's rather the little everyday things. Those that we often take for granted. For example, just the fact that one woke up is enough to keep you happy all day.
And it all starts from an attitude of gratitude. Appreciating everything in life.

Day 142 - Your Roots

On the subject of mobility, you can teach a tree a lesson or two.
On the subject of stability, the tree can teach you a lesson.
It is stable and firm because it has roots.

Day 141 - Better late than never.

I promised a while back to be doing a daily video. I have consistently done so
 Today however I was late in uploading. But I did it anyway.
If there is something you ever promised to do, always do it. Do it on time. But if ever late, never use lateness as an excuse not to do it. Just do it.

Day 140 - Google Assistant - Happy Birthday

Today was testing the new Google Assistant App.
It does almost everything on your smartphone with voice command.
From making calls to opening apps, searching directions and more.
I decided to ask it when my birthday is.
The answer is in the video.

You'll love it.

Day 139 - Ask, Seek and Knock

If you never ask, the answer will always be no.
Finding is only for the seekers.
Doors are awaiting for you to knock. They will be opened.

Do you have experiences where you got a really good answer because of Asking? Would love to hear of it.

Did you find a great thing that you wouldn't have found if you had never Searched?

Have you had great doors open for you just because you Knocked?

Let us hear your story.

Day 138 - Is the glass half full or half empty?

A pessimist looks at a glass of water and says it's half empty.
An optimist looks at it and says it's half full.
A doer fills the glass up and the argument stops.

Day 137 - Build Your Dream

Just like one takes time to build a piece of furniture, you need to know that your dreams too need time to build. It requires the right tools, action, consistency and persistence to the end.
Go now build your dream.

Day 136 - You are Not a Tree

A tree stays in the same place all the days of it's life.
For you it's different. You can move. You can change your position and situations.
Therefore if you are in a position that is not pleasing to you, change it. If it's your job, you can change it. If it's your unproductive relationships, change them.
Because you can and because you have The equipment necessary to do so.

Day 135 - Are People Speaking About You?

People will always talk about you as long as you are doing something.
They will talk about two things of you. Your good or your bad.
If they they are speaking about your good, wonderful to you. Keep it up.
If they are speaking about your bad, then live right and prove them wrong.

Day 134 - Doris Day dies aged 97

Legendary American actress and singer Doris Day died on Monday 13th May 2019 at her California home at the age of 97. She is a Hollywood icon that will be remembered for many things. One of them being the song "Whatever will be will be."

One of her quotes was "Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty."

Day 133 - Georgios Papanikolaou (Γεώργιος Παπανικολάου) - Pap smear

A Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer detection, and inventor of the Pap smear.
His name lives on for his great invention.
Do something today that the world will remember you for in future.

Day 132 - Happy Mothers Day

This is to wish all mothers a blessed day and a wonderful rest of the year.
You are blessed.

Day 131 - Beautiful Springtime

Seasons come and go. Springtime is one of those seasons. It's a beautiful time with all the green and wonderful flowers.
It's a time that reminds me that good times will always come. Hence when am not in a favourable time, I recall Springtime. 

Day 130 - Little things that matter

I don't have everything that I want to have. I guess you also have some things that you are missing.
Sometimes we are tempted to worry about the things that we don't have, forgetting the things that we already have. We should however remember to be thankful for every little thing that we have. Some of those that we disregard in us but someone else could be dying to have. A blind man would give all he has to be able to read this text that you are now reading with ease.
Give thanks for sight. And for every other little thing.

Day 129 - The ideal conditions

When shooting today's video, I found myself not in my usual comfortable location, it was not the right time, I was not perfectly prepared.
With all the imperfections, I still did it anyway. Because I had to do it.
Are you waiting for the perfect conditions so that you can pursue your dreams?
Those conditions are not promised. You better do it now. Go for it anyway.

Day 128 - Meat too tough?

I like cooking. Being in the kitchen is fun. I love it.
However recently, I noted with concern that all the meat I've been buying has become too tough to cut.
Today however I sharpened my knife only to discover that, it's not the meat that has been tough. It's my knife that has been blunt.
This too can apply in anything in life that you are doing. Could it be that it's not what you do that has become difficult, rather it's how you do it and the tools that you use that could be the problem. Find out and sharpen your knife.
Maybe the knife is the skills you use to do the job. Sharpen those skills and your job will become effortless and give you better and quicker results.
Wishing you all the best.

Day 127 - The Black Dot

A teacher gave each of his students a white paper with a black dot in the middle. He asked them to describe what they saw. Each of them talked about the black dot. None talked about the white paper.
Could it be that we only see the little bad and forget all about the much good? Make it your ambition from today to see the greater positive part of life.

Day 126 - Are you at the right bus stop?

When we want to go somewhere we wait for the bus at the bus stop. It is important that we know that the bus we wait for is the right bus to take us to our destination. And we must be sure that we are waiting at the right place.

Day 125 - Excited to Give

Are you excited to give? I have seen a child really excited to give an offering and I thought to myself, "Are we always excited to give out something?"
Be one who is excited to give.

Day 124 - Build your life one brick at a time

For a big building to be built, it starts from an idea. The idea is then put onto paper. Every single detail. Then it is built one brick at a time.
You can build your dreams the same way. One day at a time.

Day 123 - What do you notice first?

Take good care of that which represents you. If anything goes bad, make sure to correct as soon as you can for a good representation of you.

Day 122 - Fulfill Your Vision.

Many people use excuses as to why they are unable to fulfill their vision. One of the excuses is that they are not in the right position in an organisation. However as John Maxwell would say, the courage to fulfill your vision does not come from your position, it comes from your passion.
Check your passion level and go fulfill your vision now. Don't wait for the position.

Day 121 - Happy Labour Day

This is in wishing you a happy Labor day and a happy New Month.

Let me share with you a Psalm I love;

Day 120 - Service your life.

How often do you examine your life and make adjustments where need be.
Just as a car needs constant checking and servicing, our lives too need servicing to continously run well. Make it a necessity once in a while to service different areas of your life.

Day 119 - You are the average of your 5 friends.

Those you surround yourself with influence you either positively or negatively. Choose your friends wisely.

Day 118 - Be a fountain of life.

Everyday you have a choice in what words you speak.

"The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,
    but violence overwhelms the mouth of the wicked." - Proverbs 10:11

Choose life.

Day 117 - In which direction are you moving?

If you are not heading towards your desired destination, then you might not be moving in the right direction. Change it and head to your destination.

Day 116 - Who are your friends?

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17

Be careful whom your close contacts are. They are going to influence you either positively or negatively.

Day 115 - Every day is lost in which we do not learn something useful.

“Every day is lost in which we do not learn something useful. Man has no nobler or more valuable possession than time.” 
― Thomas Jefferson

Day 114 - Joy comes in the morning

Psalm 30:5 - For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.

Day 113 - What do successful people do?

Do you make things happen, watch things happen or wonder what happened?

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” - Jim Rohn

Day 112 - It's Monday again

Have you heard someone exclaim "Oh! It's Monday again."
Maybe you've said that many times over. You can look at it another way altogether.
As a great opportunity for great things. Expect a great week and you'll get a great week. It starts with Monday.

Day 111 - The Demon and The Horse

- A horse was tied to a tree.
- A demon came and released him
- The horse entered the garden of neighboring peasants and started eating everything.

Day 110 - Don't let your learning lead to knowledge.

 "Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action." - Jim Rohn

Day 109 - How I found a job (3)

In my previous article (How I found a job (2)), I shared of how I found a job through a recruitment agency. In this video, share of how I found a job through a friend. Your connections do matter.

Day 108 - Turn your disappointments into opportunities.

Have you been disappointed lately? How did you respond?
Yesterday I shared a story of How Sir Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic. He turned his frustrations into an opportunity. You too can do the same.

Day 107 - How Sir Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic

It is out of frustration that Virgin Atlantic Airlines was born. We can learn to turn our disappointments into opportunities. That was the perspective of Richard.

Day 106 - I don't have time

Now and then, we always find that we are not doing the things that we ought to do because we don't have time.
If we really value what we have to do then we will always find the time to do it.

Day 105 - Travel Somewhere

Someone once said, you are not a tree. Be not be planted in one location all your life. Don't be like John.

Day 104 - One Matters

One person matters. If you can be a good example for just one person and his life becomes good, you've done your job. Keep influencing positively one person at a time.

Day 103 - For Things to Change, You Have to Change

Things don't just happen. They are made to happen. If you want things to change, it may have to begin with you. Wishing you a great positive change.

Day 102 - Seek wisdom

Does it ever occur to you that those who are wise worked hard for it. You can be wise too and continue to be. Just commit to learning more continuously.

Day 101 - The Promise

As 100 days passed from the beginning of the year, I got an inspiration to do daily motivational videos. So follow me as I attempt to keep my promise.

It's the 100th day of the year.

Today is the 100th day of this year. What have you done so far? Review and proceed to great things ahead.

You've got just one life.

You don't have forever on this planet. Do what you have to do when you should, before it becomes too late for you.

How I found a job (2)

I took art in college. After college, I lived a good number of years on art alone. But that was in Kenya. I even had people work for me.

How I found a job.

Recently, I have seen a lot of people ask how to find a job. Even though I personally have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I encourage entrepreneurship to as many as I get to, I have found myself time and again on both sides of the equation. I have been an employer and several times the employee. Therefore I have some experience in each area. I also understand that not all people can be employers. Some have to be employees for balance of nature.

It is not the critic who counts

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

What do you sell?

Sometimes back, I used to be a signwriter in Githurai. So today I was excited when I came across this signwriter in Marousi. I said a few words to him though he was so immersed in his work. It got me flashing back on how we used to work and I thought much about life in general and the application of some principles learnt from that period in time.

Happy New Year 2019

Hope you had a great year.
As we begin this new one, I am wishing you great and wonderful things.