What do you sell?

Sometimes back, I used to be a signwriter in Githurai. So today I was excited when I came across this signwriter in Marousi. I said a few words to him though he was so immersed in his work. It got me flashing back on how we used to work and I thought much about life in general and the application of some principles learnt from that period in time.

1. Do you ask?
If just in case you do not know, I do paint even if not frequently but I paint. There is a time that art used to be my only source of income. This included graphics and signwriting. Let me explain to you how the business started. When I finished art college and started to live on my own, I would walk around and look for a business that was open but had no sign of it's name or what it dealt with(and they were several in Githurai). I would offer to put up a sign for it. Some would not be interested but on and on, some would agree and even get excited about it. I would eventually do the job and get paid. My walking around and asking for jobs produced results. Great results.
The question to you is, do you ask around for what it is that you need? If you ask, you will get.

2. Are you visible?
Many times during my job, as I was up the ladder, someone would see me working and be interested in what I do. The shop next door would call me to put up a sign for them. Another person would send me to a business that he knew needed a sign. On and on, my business was on it's feet and at some point I stopped asking and it turned out I was the one being asked for it. Every morning I would wake up, go to my shop and clients would flow in with business.
Those are good memories. Wonderful times with co-workers in the industry. Greetings to you all Kinuthia, Richie, Pitts, Kamaa, Mash, Muchiri, Jane, Mercy, Steve, Paul, Kay, Stone and many others. We had a good time. As also other artists knew me, they also referred to me some business. Because they saw me at work.
The question here is; Are you visible? If we see you, we will transact.

3. What do you sell?
The signs you see on shops serve a purpose. They don't only sell the brand, they inform a potential client what to find inside the shop. So it was really an interesting thing to see someone with an open shop with no sign. It still puzzles me today when I see someone inside a room with a desk and maybe some products but no sign at the door of what business he is into. This is why signwriters have always been important. When I opened my shop, I identified myself as a signwriter by writting a sign on the front. It is important to be known for what you are.
The question is,
Do people know what service or products you deal with? If they clearly know it, they will buy from you.

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