How I found a job.

Recently, I have seen a lot of people ask how to find a job. Even though I personally have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I encourage entrepreneurship to as many as I get to, I have found myself time and again on both sides of the equation. I have been an employer and several times the employee. Therefore I have some experience in each area. I also understand that not all people can be employers. Some have to be employees for balance of nature.
It is in this regard that I thought to write an article or two, maybe more, if only it is going to be beneficial to someone out there looking for some motivation(I love this).

As I write my personal experience in job hunting, I will highlight some of the points that I think very important for the success of your adventure. However, this article is not yours only. I do it for myself too. It serves as a reminder of paths crossed. It also reminds me that if I take the lessons I learnt at every stage of the journey, and apply them to other areas in my life, I can be successful just like I have succeeded before in finding jobs. 

Here is how I found a job in Athens;

Some years back, I found myself in Athens Greece by circumstance. (Sometimes we don't know where life may lead us. I have since learnt to live for the minute).
The first thing that struck me when I landed was the language. Yes I could speak three of them, Kikuyu, Swahili and English but Greek had always been a joke from my mother when she didn't understand anything I had said(Are you speaking Greek?). So when I came and discovered that I could not understand anyone around me, it now hit me. It was even a big issue to buy a loaf of bread. Given that where I come from, when someone wants to say yes they nod their head and shake their head to say no. I walk to a shop and ask for bread and the person does something I interpret as a nod, so I stretch my hand to hand him the money. All he gives me is a blank stare and no bread. This was going to be the beginning of some interesting times. My journey in a place of misunderstandings. Before the end of the day I had my bread though and some tough homework to do. To understand better where I was. 
As days started to roll, I tried to teach the shopkeeper and others my language(s). No! I was not being paid. It was on friendly basis. However, I then realised along the line that it was going to be such a big job to teach all my neighbours and strangers my language just for us to communicate. Hence I vowed to know their language and embarked on it word by word.

Even before I could say Psomi, I realised too that I needed more than just wheat to survive in the land. So I started to explore for business opportunities but was met with more than impossibilities at that time. I had been hosted by a friend and things were not working in my favor. Or were they?
Within a few weeks, my wife joined me and hence we were two hosted people, in a foreign land, with a foreign language and no income source. Few days after she has arrived, my friend tells me that the small house can't hold two families and so with a good heart leaves the house for me and my wife. OPA!

- That's Life -

Something had to happen and happen fast. Rent was due in a few days. We had nothing.

On Friday of that week, I gathered the few coins we had in the house, went to the shops and bought the only English newspaper I knew in Greece at that time(Athens News). At the back pages, there used to be advertisements. To be frank, I wasn't interested in a single word of news. So I went straight to the jobs section. I scrolled and found some different kinds that I phoned to, only again to be greeted with "Parakalo!"
I had not a slight idea what that meant. So I hang up and proceeded to call others.
As chance would have it, I called one and a sweet talking lady answered in English. Her boss had a small hotel in the islands. He had someone that had been managing it in the summer but had to leave before the end of the season and hence they were in dire need of a replacement. Not many people were willing to go to the islands at that time. I couldn't too but I had a need. As I was given the chance to speak to the boss, I made him understand that the job sounded good but I couldn't take it because I had a wife that I was not willing to leave behind. With his insistence that if I liked the job to grab it before it's taken, I told him yes I would take it, if only my wife too got a job in the same establishment. He told me there was no position for an extra person but as he hang up he said he will call me later. Fingers closed.
After a few hours, the lady calls me and informs me that yes I can take my wife with me and she will be on salary.

24 hours later, alot has happened in between and we are on a flight to an island. Me and my wife.
And that's how I got a job on an island in Greece. Sorry!
And that's how I got a job for two on an island in Greece.

1. What lessons did you pick from this short story?
2. Have you ever got yourself in a tough situation?
3. How did you come out of it?
4. How did you get your first job?
5. What actions do you need to take now to get what you want?