Day 111 - The Demon and The Horse

- A horse was tied to a tree.
- A demon came and released him
- The horse entered the garden of neighboring peasants and started eating everything.
- The wife of the owner of the vegetable garden, when she saw this, took a rifle and killed the horse
- The owner of the horse saw the dead horse, he became angry, he also took his rifle and shot the farmer's wife
- On returning home, the farmer found his wife dead and killed the owner of the horse
- The children of the owner of the horse, seeing their dead father, burned the farm of the farmer
-The peasant, in retaliation, killed them all
- They asked the devil what he had done, and he replied: I did not do anything. I just released the poor horse who was hungry.
- The devil does simple things ... because he knows that with anger in the heart, wicked desires do the rest.
- So we must always think before taking any act
 Above all, avoid revenge. Wishing evil against others, wanting to solve evil with evil, etc.
- You never know the real reasons that lead some people to do certain things
- we must take care of our hearts, give ourselves patience and let the storm of anger pass.
- Because for the demon, it's just letting go of the horse. That horse can be your son, wife, husband, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, boss, colleague, friend...
- You have to be mature to really interpret life
- Be careful not to let the devil manipulate you!
"May GOD guide us every day in life"