Day 180 - First Step

Martin Luther King jr. said, faith is taking the first step of the staircase even without having seen the whole staircase. Do you have the faith?

Day 179 - Enjoy Everyday

You don't have to wait for Friday in order to have a great day. Be happy and enjoy every single day of your life. 

Day 178 - Reading

I have commenced on a consistent reading schedule from today. Because sometimes I skip. Do you read consistently?

Day 177 - Beautiful Gifts

Beautiful gifts are great but their beauty becomes even more valuable once they are used.

Day 176 - NBA MVP - Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo wins the NBAs MVP. He has come a long way to be where he is. A lot of hardwork and struggles. Go for what you want despite any challenges until you get it.

Day 175 - Mind and Legs

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have the legs and the mind on two extreme ends of the body. Notwithstanding, the mind is the one that commands the legs where to go. There is more to it, watch the video for more insight.

Day 174 - The Mustard Faith

Do you have faith? Do you lose faith at times? The mustard seed has a deeper lesson than we often understand. I speak of this in today's video.

Day 173 - Attend Events

A chat with my friend Stavros reminded us of the importance of attending events.
More on the video.

Day 172 - The Scars

Have you ever been hurt? Have you been broken? Do you have scars?
Most of those people whom you know to be successful have been through all that. Some have scars you could never have imagined until you hear their stories. The fought on until they won.
Hurts and scars should not stop you from going after your dreams. Keep on to the very end until you succeed. 

Day 171 - Mention only that which you want

I've had the experience of saying to someone what I don't want while asking for what I want only to end up getting that which I didn't want. Just because I had mentioned it alongside. This video shows you what happened in the recent incident.

Always mention only that which you want. Never that which you don't. 

Day 170 - Commitment

If you've ever watched a small interested child learn the alphabet, you'll understand what commitment is and the value it adds to you. I just did. Choose to commit to your dreams to the very end and accomplish much.

Day 169 - Own the Market

A market will outlive any stand alone small shop. My opinion is that you should own the market of whatever you are doing. Otherwise be a part of a bigger market. A market lives long. That's my opinion. What is yours?

Day 168 - Say Nothing

Once, a wise man said nothing.
It's not always that we should say all that may be said. Sometimes it pays to just say nothing. It's wise.

Day 167 - Water the Grass

The grass that you always see being green all the time even in dry seasons, does not just become and remain green by itself. Someone waters it while you may not be seeing it.
Make sure you take care of your grass for it to remain green. 

Day 166 - Make it Bright

Man has been capable of making the night look like day by use of lights.
This reminds you that you can alter your situations by choice. Look at areas in your life that are dark and make a decision to brighten them. Take an action to make your decision a reality. 

Day 165 - It's beautiful from up there.

Have you ever climbed a hill? It is not always an easy task. The joy comes though once you reach the top and see a beautiful view below. I pray you find the strength to go all the way up in your dreams and enjoy the view from the top.

Day 164 - Success Steps

Success is like going up a flight of stairs. You take one step after the other every single day. Do not give up along the way. Keep going upto the top.

Day 163 - Organised Teamwork

One person can achieve much but two people together can achieve so much more. It is important to have a team and to be organised in all that you do in order to achieve great.

Day 162 - Avoid Anger

There is a reason why we were created with two ears and just one mouth. That we should always listen more than we talk. That way we'll avoid many of the conflicts we have around us.

Day 161 - What's Your Idea?

Ideas are never exhausted. You can come up with an idea today that can make history. Bill Gates did not invent the computer. He just improved on it.

Day 160 - Choose Your Friends

The issue of your associations is very important to our well being. That's why it should be always be in our minds on a continual basis.

Day 159 - Ask Guidance

We may never know all there is to know on any given subject. Therefore we will be required to ask those with the knowledge. The ones who may have done it before us.

Day 158 - Ready? Catch!

Sometime back this ball boy surprised the crowd with a phenomenal catch.
To the viewer, it was a surprise but to the boy, it wasn't.
He was ready and waiting for it.
If you are always ready for opportunities  you'll surprise many at how you catch them. Prepare and wait.

Day 157 - A Lovely life

Hatred stirs up conflict.
Love covers over all wrongs.

I wish you a life full of love.

Day 156 - World Environment Day

Today is World Environment day. What are you doing about it?

Day 155 - Dedication - Yash Gupta

How dedicated are you?
I know this guy known as Yash Gupta. He took a challenge where people were to produce one Facebook live ?stream per day.
He always did his at night in the dark. 12midnight and even later. Because during the day he was very busy and in the house people were sleeping. So he would go out in the dark every single day to make his live stream.
Are you that dedicated?

Day 154 - You Can (WD-40)

Success comes in Cans. Not Can't.
Are you familiar with WD-40?

Do you know what WD-40 means?
It means Water Displacement 40th formular.
It's inventors attempted 39 times failing. Until they succeeded on their 40th attempt.
Make it your ambition never to give up until you succeed. 

Day 153 - Sowing Bountifully.

If you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. If you sow abundantly, you reap abundantly.

As simple as that.


Taking this opportunity to wish you a great month of June. I did a Facebook live to share much on the experiences I've had since I committed myself to doing one video per day sharing life lessons.
Thank you all for everything.

Day 151 - The Star that You Are

Have you heard of the saying that when it gets dark, the stars come out?
Well! They don't. The stars are always out, shinning all the time. Even when you don't see them.

Choose to be a star. Shine all the time even when nobody is watching. When it gets dark, the star that you've always been will be revealed.