Day 196 - Athens Underground Train (Metro)

In today's video, I show you how to get into one of the stops of a Metro in Athens. I share with you a life lesson about your destination and the stops along the way. I hope you enjoy the video.

Day 195 - Keep Going

Keep on moving along your journey towards your dreams. Never stop until you realise them. Small efforts add up to big things. 

Day 194 - May You Prosper

It is my sincere prayer that you may prosper in every area of your life. May God open doors of abundance for you, keep you in good health and give you the wisdom to live a full life.

Day 193 - Your Next Meal

Every single day you plan what you are going to eat. Do you also plan what to feed your mind with?
In my previous video, I spoke of this and I got a lot of feedback in support of the idea. We should plan for our mind food just as careful as we plan for body food.

Day 192 - Food for thought.

When was the last time you had a meal? I believe today you have eaten something. We all make sure to feed the body to keep growing and remain healthy on a daily basis. Do we feed our brain just as well?

Day 191 - Your Past and Your Future

Your past does not determine your future. It is what you do today that will determine where you'll end up tomorrow. 

Day 190 - Do you change at night?

Are you the same person during the day and during the night?

Day 189 - Enjoy the shade

When it gets hot, it's great if you have the opportunity of enjoying a shade. It's even more fulfilling if the shade you are enjoying is from a tree that you planted.

Day 188 - Expose yourself to great ideas

Where you are today is a result of what ideas you've exposed yourself to.  If you want days to come to be better, expose yourself to great ideas today.

Day 187 - You have great potential

If only you really knew how great potential you have... you'd take yourself more seriously than you currently do. 

Day 186 - Discover a Goldmine

The biggest goldmine on earth has never been discovered yet. Go out and find it.

Day 185 - Declaration of Independence

July 4th is the day people in the United States of America celebrate Independence Day. I wish them all good things during this time. Here's a video on my stand to the day.

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp goes down.

All the three Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have been reported to be malfunctioning for a big part of the day. Specifically, photos and videos have not been loading.

Day 183 - 24 hours

Each and every one of us have been given 24 hours per day. It is only how we use those 24 hours that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. How do you use your 24 hours?

Day 182 - Happy New Month

This is to wish you a very happy month of July. May all the good things find you this month.

Day 181 - Keep Moving

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you have to keep moving.