Day 249 - Make Choices Easily

Do you have a challenge in making choices? You can always meet that challenge by being very decisive beforehand on what you are going to buy. Do not seek ideas when you are buying. Make a clear concrete decision before you are ready to buy.

Day 248 - Catch someone doing something good.

Just finished reading "The One Minute Manager" by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

In this short book, the authors share 3 important secrets that will help any manager to concurrently get better results, have more time, and empower the people around to be more effective and fulfilled.

In brief, the three secrets are for you as the one minute manager to,

Day 247 - Life goes on

Whatever may ever happen in your life, please remember this; as long as you are breathing, life goes on. Live it to the full.

Day 246 - Pursue your dreams

Do you have dreams to pursue? Are you moving towards them? Keep moving. Don't stagnate on the way. Go after them on a daily basis. One step at a time.

Day 245 - Turn your failures into success.

Victor Kinuthia is a person that blooped on live tv news coverage. He was so disappointed. Then his mistake made him trend on social media. He thought he's lost it all until people highly encouraged him on. Within a few hours, his failure had catapulted him onto international limelight. Do not fear failure. Fear to loose your dreams through inaction. 

Day 244 - Time waits for no man.

Time keeps moving whether you like it or not. You can never save time but only use it. Use it wisely. 

Day 243 - Keep Glowing

Each and everyone of us goes through some issues. When things are okay someone shines and we say that he is glowing. When things are bad many people are down cast and sad. The call is for you to glow when things are good and continue to Glow even when things are not so good. Make a choice and make it a habit to continuously glow in all circumstances. 

Day 242 - What Rejuvenates you?

With all the life's challenges, we are bound to feel tired or even aged at times but if you have your anchor on something to rejuvenate you, you can always feel energetic and young again. What is that thing that rejuvenates you?

Day 240 - TRIUMPH

I pray that you may be victorious in all your struggles and challenges. That you may triumph. 

Day 239 - MOTIVATE

To motivate is to make someone want to do something well.
It is not only what you say but if what you do