Taking Challenges

I've just recently started #BookTalk a zoom session where I interview authors about their book(s), then share on our website www.bookplacemedia.com and my other social sites to help create more exposure to the authors, especially new ones like myself.

These sessions have only been video calls. So when David Citron requested to be a voice only guest, I wasn't expecting that. I had been used to where I see my guest as we discussed. This was new to me.

"Can I?" I asked myself.

After contemplating for a while, I accepted the challenge.

Am glad that I did. It felt quite inspiring during and after and now I can confidently answer yes to someone who requests for a call in because I now have the experience. Never mind that at first I didn't even know how a guest calls in on a Zoom broadcast. Now I do.

What challenge have you taken recently?

Thank you David for the opportunity.

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The Excuses That We Use?

I wrote and published my first book about a month ago.

It has taken me over twenty years from the time I first had the urge to publish a book, until now when I have finally published one. Back then, I wrote a manuscript that was meant to be published but it never reached printing level. It’s still a document on my Google Drive even as I write this. I could have an excuse for that having happened. Or is it having not happened? I could actually have many excuses why I never published the book to date. That book that I wrote two decades back that has now been overtaken by the book whose idea took just about two months from conception into realization. The published book’s title is BE GOOD FOR GOOD. The unpublished one’s title keeps evolving every time I try to work on it.

I am glad that I now have a published book in the market. Even though this is a stage I could have reached some decades back. However, let’s not look back in regret but embrace the present in gratitude and the future with great hope. Live each day in appreciation of every good thing and do what is in your ability today to make every tomorrow a day of rejoicing. In God’s will, may your future be brighter than all your past.

In the past few weeks from the day my book was released into the market, I’ve had all kinds of experiences. Good ones so far. Thank God.

I’ve sold quite a bunch far and wide. It has been read by people from different countries around the world. I’ve gotten feedback from a wide array of the readers and some have left reviews on Amazon and on social media. The activities are growing day by day. Many of my contacts from family, friends and even would-be friends have congratulated me on achieving this milestone. This has made me glad. What has made me more happy though is when I’ve been told that my book has influenced someone positively and embedded a positive principle in someone’s day to day life. Nothing beats the joy of realizing that a piece of your work is creating a good ripple in your generation and generations to come. Purpose to do something today that will impact the world positively now and in future, one person at a time.

Other than just the positive feedback that I have got from people far and near, the book has triggered some enquiries and requests related to what I do and some specifically directed to the book itself. One such request came from a friend who desires to write a book and would like to be guided through on the journey from writing into publishing one.

I obliged to the request. 

So we started the book publishing conversation. We texted and even talked. 

It all began well until we came to a point where he started expressing some of his fears.

“But my grammar is not up to date”. He wrote.

This hit a nerve in me but I remembered that I am here to help in any way possible so, here we go. Sharing bits of what you can do about that, but first;

  1. I commend you for realising and accepting your current position. 

The way to reach a certain destination is to first establish your location, then the direction of your destination. 

  1. Congratulations on your desire to write a book. Every great achievement originates from a desire. A book you will write.  

  2. Drop your excuse, put in some effort and write.

The fact that we are communicating in English, that you have read this text this far indicates that you have the basics of the language. All you can now do is purpose to improve on it. If you are really serious about your dream of writing, then you’d commit to a plan. Schedule some time each day that you will work on your grammar. The tools to use are more available today than they ever were. 

Therefore, this is what I suggest.

  1. Commit to learning. Learning is lifelong. First review what you have learnt to date and evaluate the area you need to improve. Learning cannot be left to chance. It must be purposeful.

  2. Read a lot. When you read, you notice how other people use their grammar. Pick several books that are in the genre you desire to write about and see how the author uses grammar. It is ok too to experiment in other genres outside your comfort zone to grow.

  3. Listen intentionally. Every single day, you are exposed to so many sources of good grammar in speech. The news, the movies, some speeches being given somewhere e.t.c. The next time you open that phone, have in mind that every minute you are there, it’s an opportunity to learn something new that will propel you towards your dreams. Use it to learn and improve.

  4. Practice everyday. When you are reading a book or article, try reading it loud to yourself. Seeing and hearing at the same time solidifies more what you read. Write down whatever you hear and practice it.

  5. Get feedback. Have someone give you feedback of how you are doing to measure your improvement. If you can invest in a tutor/coach, the better. Otherwise, have someone close to you whom you know to be more advanced than you and ask them for their feedback.

  6. Start writing now. Don’t wait to be perfect in order to get started. Start your book now. You can always come back to correct once you think your grammar is up to date. 

Talk of perfection? I don’t think there is anyone perfect. They just do it. Then they give to the editors to correct the mistakes they could have overlooked. That’s the work of the editors.

Just do it!

What other excuse have you used before that held you back from achieving your dream? Leave your comments below.