Taking Challenges

I've just recently started #BookTalk a zoom session where I interview authors about their book(s), then share on our website www.bookplacemedia.com and my other social sites to help create more exposure to the authors, especially new ones like myself.

These sessions have only been video calls. So when David Citron requested to be a voice only guest, I wasn't expecting that. I had been used to where I see my guest as we discussed. This was new to me.

"Can I?" I asked myself.

After contemplating for a while, I accepted the challenge.

Am glad that I did. It felt quite inspiring during and after and now I can confidently answer yes to someone who requests for a call in because I now have the experience. Never mind that at first I didn't even know how a guest calls in on a Zoom broadcast. Now I do.

What challenge have you taken recently?

Thank you David for the opportunity.

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