7 Ingredients for Success

7 Ingredients for Success
A 7 days video course to help you achieve your greatest Success.
(Each lesson comes with a personal story where I applied these ingredients)


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So you want to be a success?
You will be successful. I know this because I can tell you are on the right path. This is how everything in life works. It starts with an interest. Secondly, taking an action towards what you are interested in. When you go after it, you definitely get it. That is if you're moving in the right direction and if you don't give up going for that which you are interested in. In that case, I can assure you that you're going to be successful because you are looking for success ways.  You are going to be a success if you're going to work on these ingredients for success covered in this course.

What is success?
I want you to take a minute and consider someone you consider successful. I mean someone who has done something that you personally define as success. I say personally because I have come to discover that success could be defined differently by different people. Let me here mention a few different successful people. The first person to step on the moon was successful in that area. Mark Zuckerberg has been successful in connecting billions of people and he’s made billions of dollars doing so. He is successful in that area. Mother Teresa succeeded in taking care of the poor and making sure that they live a life that is worth. She succeeded in influencing many in the world to take care of the poor too. You also know some other person in your neighbourhood who has achieved something that you consider as success. Maybe he/she is your role model. What is that thing that you would like to achieve in your own life and you want to be really successful in?

The ingredients for Success covered in this course are elements that make up any success story. They are present in the success of all the people that we have mentioned there above. All the other people that you may have read in biographies applied these ingredients for success. I have been successful in different areas in my life and when I looked back, I identified those ingredients as being responsible for the success. I have to admit though that I have also failed severally in many areas and when I look back, I always identify one, two or more of the ingredients missing or wrongly applied. I now consciously plan and execute my plans in accordance with the ingredients covered here and I succeed. It works every time.

It is now your time.
Study the ingredients. Analyze them and apply them in whatever you're going after. You will be a success.  Click on the link and let’s get started.

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