Day 145 - The Journey must continue.

Yesterday I came to a dead end on a road I was taking to some place.
That did not mean I end the journey there. It meant I look for another way through to  m destinaton. That's how it is with life. On the road to your dreams, you may come to some dead end. That though does not mean you forget your dreams. It means you look for another way through.

Day 144 - The words of your mouth

The words that you speak on a daily basis affect the outcomes in your life. To change several situations that you find yourself in, all you need could just be a few right words at the right time to the right person.

Day 143 - Finding Your Happiness

I asked people on my Facebook profile what makes them happy.
The overall response indicated that it's not the big things that we always look upto in life. It's rather the little everyday things. Those that we often take for granted. For example, just the fact that one woke up is enough to keep you happy all day.
And it all starts from an attitude of gratitude. Appreciating everything in life.

Day 142 - Your Roots

On the subject of mobility, you can teach a tree a lesson or two.
On the subject of stability, the tree can teach you a lesson.
It is stable and firm because it has roots.

Day 141 - Better late than never.

I promised a while back to be doing a daily video. I have consistently done so
 Today however I was late in uploading. But I did it anyway.
If there is something you ever promised to do, always do it. Do it on time. But if ever late, never use lateness as an excuse not to do it. Just do it.

Day 140 - Google Assistant - Happy Birthday

Today was testing the new Google Assistant App.
It does almost everything on your smartphone with voice command.
From making calls to opening apps, searching directions and more.
I decided to ask it when my birthday is.
The answer is in the video.

You'll love it.

Day 139 - Ask, Seek and Knock

If you never ask, the answer will always be no.
Finding is only for the seekers.
Doors are awaiting for you to knock. They will be opened.

Do you have experiences where you got a really good answer because of Asking? Would love to hear of it.

Did you find a great thing that you wouldn't have found if you had never Searched?

Have you had great doors open for you just because you Knocked?

Let us hear your story.

Day 138 - Is the glass half full or half empty?

A pessimist looks at a glass of water and says it's half empty.
An optimist looks at it and says it's half full.
A doer fills the glass up and the argument stops.

Day 137 - Build Your Dream

Just like one takes time to build a piece of furniture, you need to know that your dreams too need time to build. It requires the right tools, action, consistency and persistence to the end.
Go now build your dream.

Day 136 - You are Not a Tree

A tree stays in the same place all the days of it's life.
For you it's different. You can move. You can change your position and situations.
Therefore if you are in a position that is not pleasing to you, change it. If it's your job, you can change it. If it's your unproductive relationships, change them.
Because you can and because you have The equipment necessary to do so.