Happy New year

Lykavitos hill across the Greek parliament.

It's been quite sometime since my last post on this blog. Hope you had a great year end and a great year start into a whole new decade. What great experiences did you have last year? What new plans do you have for this new year?

Day 250 - Be known as a finisher. Not quitter.

When you start a race, run to finish. Never quit halfway.

Day 249 - Make Choices Easily

Do you have a challenge in making choices? You can always meet that challenge by being very decisive beforehand on what you are going to buy. Do not seek ideas when you are buying. Make a clear concrete decision before you are ready to buy.

Day 248 - Catch someone doing something good.

Just finished reading "The One Minute Manager" by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

In this short book, the authors share 3 important secrets that will help any manager to concurrently get better results, have more time, and empower the people around to be more effective and fulfilled.

In brief, the three secrets are for you as the one minute manager to,