Day 230 - Two wolves are fighting inside you.

Two wolves, one good and one evil are fighting inside you. Which one will win?

The one you feed.

Day 229 - Are you waiting for perfection?

If you are waiting for all the conditions to favor your dreams, let me remind you this;
That perfect time may never come. Act on your dreams now.

Day 228 - Your Victory is Coming

It usually is darkest just before dawn. So if you are in a dark situation or if you ever find yourself in such a situation, please remember that the best is yet to come.

Day 227 - Be Constantly Flowing

A constantly flowing river stays fresh. A stagnant pond becomes stale and hazardous. Choose to be constantly flowing with ideas and you'll remain fresh and likeable.

Day 226 - How patient are you?

Things of value take time to bring forth fruit. A farmer plants tree seeds and waits for years before he sees a single fruit. He is that patient. Plant the right seeds in the right place and wait. Be patient.

Day 225 - Be an Encouragement to Someone

Just by living your normal life in the best way possible, you could be an encouragement to someone out there without you knowing. People do watch you. Live your life right and continue to be the encouragement that you are. 

Day 224 - Rest if you must but don't quit.

Sometimes we get tired that for one reason or the other. We may be tempted to give up and stop moving. At this point, it is ok to take a rest. And then get moving again. Don't quit your journey.

Day 223 - Your Faith Will Heal You

You may have needs in your life. The fulfilment of those needs will be determined by your faith on them being fulfilled. Especially your faith on your Creator the one who makes everything possible.

Day 222 - Public Speaking Workshop

Today, I had the pleasure of facilitating a Public Speaking Workshop in Athens Greece. We identified how fear robs many people of their dreams. People fail to take action of their dreams for fear of several things. Fear of failure being a major one. Don't let fear rob you of your dreams. 

Day 221 - One Word that means the world to you.

Do you know that one word can change life? Share with us just one word that makes a big difference in your own life.