7 Steps to Consistency

We all have fallen off-track at one time or the other. Started on a path and wavered along the way. We didn't always do the things we said we would do. What is the way forward?

Here are seven steps to keep on track to the end consistently.

Handling Your NO

A NO is not always final. There is still life after a NO. Hence you need to handle a NO well.

Get Started to Keep Moving

All it takes for you to move is to get started. You may end up covering a distance you have never imagined.

Drive your life

Maximise on the opportunities and watch out for the dangers. Wishing you a safe ride

Try Something New

In order for you to grow, it is important that you always try Something New every time.

From Zero to Hero - mamoudou gassama - Spiderman of 18th Street

One moment you are walking the streets in a foreign country, undocumented and jobless. A couple of hours down the line and you are a hero of the country, a citizen and with a job. That's the story of Mamoudou Gassama, the young man from Mali living in France.

A few lessons;

1. "A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." - Proverbs 18:16